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On the 11th of July, we'll launch NE:Tech with our first meetup taking place at the brand new Everyman Cinema in the centre of Newcastle (

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Graham Odds Innovation Director @ Scott Logic 20

Beyond a more capable web
UX & Design

Our vision of how we interact with most productivity, line-of-business and data systems has remained largely the same for the last two decades while we have been busy moving them from the desktop to the web. Throughout, we have needed to compromise the idealised experience to accommodate the constraints of the web's capability. However, browsers increasingly are no longer the constraint they once were. Maybe now is the time we need to stop hiding behind the excuse of technology, and start truly exploring how we might interact with complex systems?

About Graham

Graham is a designer and developer working on complex systems across desktop, web and mobile. As Innovation Director at Scott Logic, he works primarily with financial services and energy trading institutions, creating everything from direct-to-consumer investment platforms and chatbots to research, trading and analysis tools. He delights in pushing at what is possible, to discover beautiful, effective solutions to problems.

Rosie Hamilton Developer @ ThingCo 10

Adabox - An Awesome Adventure
Development / IoT

About Rosie

Rosie is a software developer at ThingCo and has spent the last 13 years working within software development. Her background is in software testing and she started work as a professional software developer at the beginning of 2018. She is an active member of the local tech community and frequently attends events and meet-ups. She is a professional learner and constantly pushes herself outside of her comfort zone. She found herself shifting from testing and focusing on coding back in 2016, building web applications and APIs as a hobby. In August 2018, she completed Harvard University's CS50 computer science course via Edx. She loves the start up way of life and the insane amounts of learning that result from walking a path that no-one has followed before.

Sam Hogarth Lead Developer @ Scott Logic 30

In Retrospect
Delivery & Process

Why we perform retrospectives, where we go wrong, how to make them right

I've seen a lot of projects where retrospectives have failed to deliver incremental change. In this talk I take a look back into history to understand the cross-disciplinary evidence for iterating on feedback, reflecting on how this is the "engine" of Agile development.

About Sam

Sam is a lead developer at Scott Logic. Working across the technology stack, he is passionate about building systems that deliver high value, incorporating new ideas, improving productivity and communicating with the developer community

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