For our October meetup we have Hugh Kaznowski, Software Engineer @ Thought Machine, joining us to discuss Distributed Systems. In his talk, Hugh will discuss the pitfalls of such systems and how we can tackle these challenges head on. NE:Tech will be hosted online via the attached Zoom link. Although we would like to return to face-to-face meetups, the health and safety of our members is a top priority. We are paying close attention to the government guidelines and will return to physical meetups when it is safe and sensible to do so.

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NE:Tech - October 2021 - With Hugh Kaznowski

14 October 2021

Hugh Kaznowski

Distributed Systems: a very broad overview of their problems


Development / Writing Code

When people think of distributed systems, their first thought is probably something like REST APIs. The topic, obviously, is significantly larger than that. I will present many dimensions to the problem of distributing computation, the pitfalls and fallacies, giving explanations to some of the algorithms for solving the challenges, and highlighting some of the parallels with concurrent programming on a single computer. If you are a specialist in the area then this won’t be of particular interest, but to anyone who feels they are yeeting APIs and messages without consequence I would like to share some thoughts on challenges to be mindful of in your next designs.

Software Engineer @ Thought Machine

About Hugh

Hi, I’m Hugh! I have worked as a Software Engineer for 6 years. During that time I have worked in a variety of places including an early stage startup, a consultancy, a database company, an investment bank, and now a core banking platform provider. I also play the piano a bit.

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Technical Principal

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Senior Developer

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Senior Test Engineer

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