This August we will be joined by Colin Eberhardt, Technology Director @ Scott Logic. Colin was recently invited to try out GitHub's new and upcoming AI pair programming extension 'Copilot', for Visual Studio Code. In his talk, he will be sharing his thoughts on the AI code completion tool and giving a demo of how it can be used to assist us in our development. NE:Tech will be hosted online via the attached Zoom link. Although we would like to return to face-to-face meetups, the health and safety of our members is a top priority. We are paying close attention to the government guidelines and will return to physical meetups when it is safe and sensible to do so.

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NE:Tech - August 2021 - With Colin Eberhardt

12 August 2021

Colin Eberhardt

GitHub Copilot - Life with an AI-powered pair programmer


Development / Writing Code

Last month GitHub released Copilot, an AI powered tool that provides surprising accurate suggestions ranging from a few lines of code to entire functions. Copilot uses a vast and powerful AI model that is trained on billions of lines of open source code from GitHub. This, combined with the context provided by your code and comments, allows it to provide amazingly accurate suggestions. This is no simple autocomplete, this is pair programming with a robot! From my experiences so far, while Copilot has a real "wow" factor, there are some limitations, most notably the unpredictability of its suggestions and the cognitive load required to review the code it generates. This tool also opens up many interesting debates, from licencing concerns (is this really fair use of open source code? and what about attribution?), to the existential - are we going to be replaced by robots? If you're interested to see a glimpse of what AI-assisted programming might look like in the future, then come along. The robots are coming...

Technology Director @ Scott Logic

About Colin

I’m the Technology Director at Scott Logic, a UK-based software consultancy where we create complex application for our financial services clients. I’m an avid technology enthusiast, spending my evenings contributing to open source projects, writing blog posts and learning as much as I can.

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