IT'S UX MONTH! October brings us an exciting set of talks from Jason Bell and Helena Hill who will give us an insight into the horrors and best practices in the world of UX. Once again, NE:Tech will be hosted online via the attached Zoom link. Although we would like to return to face-to-face meetups, the health and safety of our members is a top priority. We are paying close attention to the government guidelines and will return to physical meetup when it is safe and sensible to do so.

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NE:Tech Online - October 2020

October 8, 2020

Jason Bell

UX Horror Stories


User Experience and Design

It's Halloween, let's share some terrifying UX stories from product and service development

What's the worst thing you've ever heard in a meeting? The thing that makes you want to curl up in to a little ball and weep. We've all had them, but have yours ever been bad enough to turn in to a talk? Jason will share some of the worst things he's heard and how you and your teams can avoid them. We spend so much time trying to engage users, how can we get teams engaged with our users? How do we best incorporate UX teams and research into agile teams? So join Jason, 'take it offline', 'peel back the onion', and 'let's take a 20,000 foot view' of the horrifying things we hear in meetings, and how we can survive the night.

Senior UX Researcher

About Jason

An independent Senior User Researcher, Jason loves to blend pop culture and product development. In his work, Jason tries to truly understand user needs and motivations, sharing them with stakeholders in inventive ways. He also has three cats, one of which happens to be Canadian, and has written a dissertation on zombies!

Helena Hill

Dashboard UI: Technology vs. User?


User Experience and Design

Designing dashboards for people

From drop shipping to fintech and ecommerce to recruitment, user dashboards are a common tool for allowing users an element of ownership in a journey they have with a process or brand. However, time and time again, companies put the end user last when designing dashboard interfaces. We'll take a look at what is required to ensure users not only enjoy using a dashboard but how to create an experience which ensures long term use and customer advocacy.

UX Consultant and Trainer

About Helena

Helena Hill is a digital growth consultant with specialisms in user experience design (UX), customer experience and service design. She has extensive experience of working on a cross sector basis, having a deep understanding of the challenges faced when determining roadmaps for sector growth, customer needs and deployment of new products and services. Helena is a regular speaker on sustainable business growth powered by a user-centred approach. When not UX-ing, she builds lego, walks her labradoodles and watching F1!

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