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December 5, 2019

Once again we'll be at the CTRL Pad in the Gate in the centre of Newcastle. Packed with retro and bang up to date games and setups, we'll have the place to ourselves after the talks. Over 200 games going back over 30 years across consoles including Sony PS4, PS3, PS2, PS1, Nintendo Switch, Wii U, Wii, GameCube, N64, Snes, Xbox and Sega Dreamcast plus HD Low lag monitors and HDTV’s.

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Scott Logic

Please welcome your speakers:

Mark JoseTinkerer of Machines @ Scott Logic

30 Minute App

React, Firebase and VSCode carnage

Let's build a [fully] functioning PWA in 30 minutes. Watch me squirm while you all become realtime testers, a shouty-outy, typo-ridden crash course in hacking together a React app for Firebase. I know, it'll probably all fail miserably, but at least we'll have some fun.

About Mark
LinkedIn markleejoseGithub markjose

A technical principal with more than 20 years of software development experience. I have developed software in most languages and would consider myself a “full stack” developer. When I’m not in front of a laptop, you’ll normally find me under the bonnet of a car trying to figure out how I broke it.

Paul GrahamSenior Developer @ Scott Logic

The Computer Skills of Average Joe
User Experience and Design

Worse than you think.

When producing software it is expected to receive support queries and issue reports from the user base. It is surprising just how many of these turn out to be questions about how to achieve something within your application. However, if you look into this a little deeper, it should not be *that* surprising that our users find something difficult that we, as IT professionals, may consider easy. A survey of 33 developed countries found that the majority of people are unable to complete medium-complexity tasks, and only a small percentage of the population has high level computer-related abilities. This is something we all need to take into account when building software. But it can’t be all that bad, can it? This talk will show a summary of the results of the survey, along with some key points, to help people visualise the ability levels of the average user.

About Paul

Paul is a senior developer at Scott Logic with over 20 years of experience working in the North East software development community. He spends his days developing high quality software that meets the requirements of the client and the needs of their users. He also is passionate about best practices in both UX and agile methodologies and is a co-organiser of the Agile North East meetup. Away from his keyboard he enjoys riding his bicycle up hills.

Chris BrownTest Engineer @ Scott Logic

Automated Music Genre Classification with WhatGenre
Alternative projects

We classify music into genres manually. But what if we could classify them based of what they SOUND like?

As part of my dissertation in University, I researched audio analysis and built and app around this. The app can listen to a track and classify it into a genre. Sort of like Shazam but with more AI thrown into it.

About Chris
Github Brownie956Blog

What to write in a bio... hmmm... Well I'm Chris. Some (mainly taxi drivers for some reason) would call me a fake or posh Geordie given that I'm originally from Whitley Bay. I love to ask, 'What if?'. In fact, this is something that I've made a career out of and have been doing for a number of years now. I test software for a living and have a passion for this, that and the other. If you're reading this then I'll assume you have somewhat of a passion for software also and so I won't bore you by explaining how I love tech. The key points (or a TLDR) are that I've worked with Ruby, JavaScript and testing iOS with XCTest. I've also written blogs in the past (which can be found here: and I've spoken at a few tech meetups. Lastly, I love cars. Dream car is an Aston Martin DB9. If you wanted to talk about any of the above mentioned, drop me a line or come and listen to one of my talks. Cheers!

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