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September 12, 2019

We're looking at serverless and how to start a tech meetup as part of our September NE:Tech, taking place at the brand new Everyman Cinema in the centre of Newcastle ( This month we're joined by 2 seasoned speakers talking about two wildly different subjects.

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Dan Pudwell @ Grid Smarter Cities30

How we built a production application with Serverless and AWS for under $100.

No servers allowed

I'll go over the application architecture, some design decisions, how it all works together, and all the costs associated with building, testing, and running.

About Dan

I've been developing software for over 12 years. Started my career at Accenture and learned a lot. Have moved around to a few different places in the NE, always looking for interesting things to work on, not necessarily things I've done before. For the last (almost) 2 years I've been at Grid Smarter Cities working on a virtual parking application, a marketplace (think Deliveroo for local market traders), and another application to help disabled passengers needing assistance at airports. I've been really liking using Serverless with AWS over that time.

Stephen Mounsey 20

The fresh prince of the Leeds Test Atelier
Testing & Tech

My experiences helping to create and run the awesome Leeds Test Atelier. A practical experience report of how to create awesome tech communities people love. Loads of takeaways.

A rap! How I started an amazing testing conference and what makes people love it and come back year after year. We sell the tickets out in less than 24hours! Completely run in our own time. Diversity, Drawing, Inclusivity, Building your community team and who should be involved, Fun, Games, Retrospectives, Things we learned along the way, funny mistakes

About Stephen

Agile coach, tester, dev ops enthusiast . Learning, listening, sketching. Conference and meet-up organiser. A good co-conspirator!

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